Domain Names – Successful Investments (Part 2)

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Obviously, you know what they are looking for based on the keyword they are typing: Cell Phones and cell phone information. And listen up bucko, those visitors will type in day in and day out, whether you advertise the site or not, just so long as you pay the $10/year registration fee.

* If you have a crappy page, they still come.

* If you insult them with pop-ups and banners, they still come

* If you have poor navigation, they still come.

* If your prices are sky-high, they still come.

* If your selection is limited, they still come. … all because of your domain! I’m not suggesting you do any of those things, I’m just sayin;)

I know it sounds amazing people would type in a keyword string and add a dot com, but they do. In fact, it’s estimated that 50% of all Internet traffic is type-in, also known as direct navigation. And when you take out the obvious destinations people type-in like Yahoo, Google, and MSN, the number is still almost 20%. I didn’t believe it myself, but worked with a search engine client a few years back and discovered two very interesting facts about online users that if you understand, will make you money:

1) 31% of all searches are done in the address bar.

2) 28% of all address lookups are done in the search bar. The fact is, we domainers make our bread and butter because nobody ever really learned how to use the Internet, it’s all been through trial and error. That probably explained why “” was our number one searched term;)

So what’s worth anyway? About 125,000 hot responsive visitors a month! And what are they worth, pray tell? Well, if you park the page and get paid on click revenue, it might be worth $15,000 – $30,000 a month… just based on type-in traffic. If you were offsetting the cost of advertising for an affiliate promotion, a click for a term like “cell phones” might go for buck or so, so you’d come out ahead by over six figures per month.

And if you own a store that actually sells cell phones? Well lordy lord, you just hit the holy grail because may be able to generate $2 – $3 million dollars per year in increased sales, especially because of the massive credibility the domain gives you. All of which make a seven figure domain. The bottom line is that domains are more than simply a place to stick your site or a name you can resell for a profit. Investment-grade keyword domains are the very basis for an e commerce powerhouse that can pay you dividends and provide income until you sell the site.

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