Domain News – Tips on Avoiding a Decrease in Traffic When Changing Your Site Domain

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As more and more users are turning to the search engines for more information after seeing offline advertisements, it is important to have your website rank highly in the search engines. Your site will see a lot of referral traffic from the major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN Live as long as it is maintained correctly.

However, there are some instances when you have to risk losing your website traffic – such as when you change your domain name. A site domain would have to be changed for several reasons. The company’s identity could be changing, the company’s site could be expanding and need to move to a different platform or the domain name could be found to be infringing on a trademarked brandname. But once the domain is changed, the website traffic will be affected.

One way to overcome such a drop in traffic is to have a migration plan in place, which would redirect all incoming links to your old domain to the corresponding pages on the new domain. Another way is to update your Google sitemap and submit it to the search engine, so the crawlers are aware of the new domain and index it as quickly as possible. One more way to overcome this drop in traffic is to hire and experienced SEO firm to optimize your new site and to promote it in a way that helps your new website rank more highly in search engines to continuously acquire the search engine traffic.

There are various online resources to aid your search for the best optimization services or with help creating a migration plan to switch your domain from one to another. And if you would like more information on domain name infringement, please visit the URL below.

Many of the negative implications with creating a new domain can be overcome if managed efficiently.

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