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Domain Parking allows owners of website addresses, also called domainers, to make money with their

domain names without having to deal with hosting fees or web design (everything it’s handled by the

domain parking company).

To park a domain it’s something really easy: Find a a parking company, point your domain to it and select a design for your website (based on the subject of your domain) from the parking panel. When done, the parking company places targeted advertising on your parked domains and you earn money whenever visitors to your domains click on the ads. That’s all.

Why Park?

Domain parking is great because you can get some domains set them up and forget . With parking

you don’t have to design a site or create content (very tedious). You don’t even have to pay hosting

bills (domains will be hosted at the parking company).


There are many parking companies out there: Sedo, Parked, NameDrive and others. NameDrive is a good parking company that you can try (has many templates, cool designs and good keyword optimization).


A common question is “How much can you make from your parked domains?”. Answer is easy: It depends on the traffic that your domains generate. You can make pennies or big numbers (there are many guys making 4/5 figures with parking). This is the most important thing that you have to learn.

Getting Domains With Traffic

There are 3 types of domains that will bring you money right from the start:

1. Type-In Domains: Domains that lots of users will type without going to the engines. Example:

2. Typo Domains: Mispelled Domains. Example:

3. Expired Domains With Traffic.

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