Domain Parking Secrets Revealed

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Domain parking is not a new concept by any length of the imagination. If you have an unused domain name, you park it with a given domain parking site, and they auto create a site full of ad’s which in theory generate revenue. The rules have changed recently, and many domain parking sites are being heavily penalized by Google and other leading search engines.

Why Traditional Domain Parking No Longer Works

A few years ago it was quite profitable to park a domain name and generate revenue through a bunch of ad’s which served as a placeholder until your website was ready to be launched. Google specifically has deemed such sites as essentially ‘link farms’ lacking in relevance and useful content which ultimately detracts from user experience.

I personally have had a few domain names blacklisted as I was unaware of these developments. Trust me, you do not want to get your quality domain name blacklisted before you have even launched your site! Learn from my mistakes.

The Solution

There are various paid domain parking services such as WhyPark which allow user’s to automatically generate fresh content rich websites optimised for the search engines. The key is the balance between the relevant content and the Google AdSense ads which drive the revenue. This is a fantastic solution to anyone who is considering developing article sites, as all efforts can be focused on the promotion of the website rather than its creation. If you are seeking a domain parking solution always ensure the content is fresh and rotated daily. In this manner your domain name will have the best chance to increase in PR and value over time, and for you to ultimately drive the maximum amount of profit from domain parking.

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