Domains – Four Key Considerations When Choosing Your Domain

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Your Domain… Your identity on the web. Your domain name defines what your site is all about. In choosing your domain name, there are several considerations:

Your domain should describe your web site or your product. People should link your domain and your product in their minds. For example, www.grandmascookies would be expected to open a site that sells cookies…probably made with your grandmas recipes. People wouldn’t expect that site to be a pottery site.

Your domain should be simple. People can’t remember complicated domain names, and you want a name they can easily recall when they want to revisit your site, or when they want to recommend it to their friends.

Your domain should be easy to spell. Don’t get missed because people can’t remember how to spell some unique portion of your domain. You’d be surprised how many words are misspelled these days. Spell check has taken the place of spelling bees, and lots of people don’t spell very well.

Your domain and the content of your site should harmonize such that search engines can find your site easily when a person types in key words . For example, when someone Googles “bar stools”, the search engine will key on domains that contain the words “barstools”,Then it will key on sites that contain the words “bar” and ‘stools”. Your site will have an immediate advantage if both your domain and your web page have the words “Bar stools”.

Your domain is the name on your “store front”. It’s the name on your advertisement brochures. It’s the name on the billboard. It defines your presence on the web so choose it wisely.

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