Earning Residual Income From Your Extra Domains

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I have a terrible habit of purchasing domain names and not taking action with them. I registered these domains in hopes of turning them into cash generating sites- not to have them cost me.

Every month another renewal notice comes up for a handful of domains and there is a brief moment where you think about taking action with those domains.

  • Should I sell the domain?
  • Maybe I’ll make an adsense revenue website…
  • Or I will do what I originally intended to do with it

But then you realize the work and time commitment that would be needed to achieve these goals – and that brief moment of inspiration is gone.

You don’t want to get rid of them, as you still have plans, it is time to put these domains to action and start earning revenue.

What are your options?

  • Godaddy has a revenue model for parked domains, but falls far short of expectations.
  • Sedo is another option but still just doesn’t cut it for making enough revenue – unless you have a high quality domain.
  • Google has a ‘Google AdSense for domains’ program, but need at least 250 domains to be accepted.
  • Finally there is a system called WhyPark

While WhyPark isn’t free, its feature rich solutions make it a winning investment. First unlike other programs it let’s you keep 100% of the revenues you generate.

Plus it has all the key components for successful revenue generation:

  • SEO friendly site structure
  • Ability to easily add fresh content
  • Customization
  • Simplicity (no html or programming needed)
  • Fast – create many sites quickly. The time savings alone paid for itself several times over.
  • Hosting is included

In conclusion, there are several available options for you to take action with your parked domains. Research all the options and make sure to choose what fits YOUR NEEDS.

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