Eight Reasons to Just Adore Generic Keyword Domains

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It has been virtually been 15 years now since the Internet first took off and I still find that some marketing people still don’t give domain names any importance. They just think that they can get away with just some decent content, a few links, a blog and by putting together a couple of videos and with all that Google will find you with ease. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy.

Of course there will always be a few who get through the net into Google territory and achieve a top ranking. The initial period may seem to bring in a lot of traffic, the mailing list will increase significantly and you may be able to make your brand grow. The problem as you grow larger is that a poor domain name will lead to hindering your campaign as people will have problems to remember a poor domain name that is both difficult to remember and hard to spell correctly, especially if it just isn’t relate to your niche.

I can remember an extreme case back in the dotcom days a domain name called Quokka.com. Maybe you too can remember how this domain spent tons of their investors cash on a full publicity campaign including TV and all that for a non-brand and of course it went pear shape. Maybe if you think back it might come to you.

If you were out of the country or whatever this Quokka.com was focused on the action sports network. Now I will leave it up to you to pass judgment but who in their tiny mind would base a whole branding campaign on a word that can’t even be pronounced properly like Quokka, I just think they tried to run before they had learned to walk, but there are so many more cases like this out there so I can’t stress enough the importance of a well thought out domain name.

So with all that money to spend they couldn’t come up with an ideal name like actionsports.com or similar. They were in a nutshell “stupid”, but now we all know better. The key benefits of generic keyword domain names are something that we all need to understand and the top reasons are;

1. Make your product more than obvious in your domain name so for example everyone knows what bestpropertyinvestments.com deal with and you can take that for granted when people actually visit your site.

2. You need to keep competitors away on a permanent basis and your domain will allow you to be the master of the keyboard. This will give you the power to just block out your competitors, which is a great way to get a business working fast. They will be forced to pay more on loads of secondary keywords, which they will need to just compete with the main keyword that you have and with all that expense they still have an inferior domain than yours.

3. Branding has become so important in today’s society and there is a complete sector that just buy branded goods, so if you have the right domain name you have already won over the brand conscious customers for free that just adore Generic keyword domains.

4. Type-in traffic pays dividends: Nearly all keyword domain names will get some sort of traffic and there are others that will get just hundreds of unique visitors every day. This traffic that is driven through people who use their address bar instead of their search bar to surf the web will convert into real sales and that is a statistical fact.

5. Our favourite search engine Google as well as the rest concentrate their efforts in finding relevant sites for their users, so a site like PetFood.com would be ranked in the top 2 pages for the keyword “pet food” and will get a lot a traffic sent to them from Google for people interested in buying pet food.

6. The domain name can either be parked, rented or leased: If you decide to wait to go into the site development stage, you can be assured that there are a number of ways to benefit from a good generic keyword domain.

7. A steady investment: Generic domains investments even out do the stock market, real-estate, bonds, and overall inflation as far as high profit investments are concerned. Business giants are now seeing that the generic names that they had initially bought are now the most important component to their continuing growth.

8. Hardly any cost: It costs just $10 a year so you will soon just adore the business of keyword domains… – Domainers need to focus all of their energy on generic keyword names and ignore certain fads like LLL.coms, brandables, and numeric names that might sound good but they just don’t have “real word” staying power.

Remember the power you have is in the keyboard, so make it work for you and forget about any other alternative investment.

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