Expired Domain Traffic – Is It A Bane Or Boon?

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There are two or three different classes of expired domain traders and they always look for different things when buying their preferred expired domain names. What one works for a domain trader may not really work for others! One class of traders may choose and buy names for future web site development, while the second class of traders make it a point to buy an expired domain name with a specific future customer in mind. However, there is a third group of traders, who consistently buy expired domains with plenty of expired domain traffic or expired traffic. These traders value traffic immensely and for them, an expired domain with plenty of traffic is a god-sent opportunity and a great money making option.

Traders buy expired domains just for their traffic and they park their domains at highly lucrative places that provide them an opportunity to earn some form of income. These domains parked on web portals like Sedo ensures an ongoing income just enough to sustain the cost of maintaining the expired domain. Domains that come with considerable amount of expired traffic are always premium and costly given their immense commercial value and importance.

Now, the most important and critical question is how can one find an expired domain with plenty of expired traffic? Right now, there are just a few methods that will help you to find the amount of traffic. But, you can be assured of its traffic, once you find a domain and track the traffic statistics over that domain. Most of the traffic associated with a given expired domain could be useless and commercially unviable. Some amount of traffic can come from either links or type-ins. For example, absolutelyenhanted.com is not that sort of domain that a person will automatically type on the browser window. However, this type of domains could have a substantial amount of traffic associated with it. You can use a convenient tool that will allow you to find out how many links a well known web portal like Alexa.com shows, to see if the domain still has a traffic ranking, or you can alternatively use PageRank.net to see, if the domain has a Google PageRank or not.

However, you should be extremely cautious, while buying an expired domain exclusively for domain traffic. In many cases, people like you may be just trying to see, if the domain you are trying to buy has an established traffic. This type of traffic is not the real traffic and search engine may never recognize this traffic. Again, if the domain that you buy has a number of traffic it does not mean that the traffic is real. May be the links point to dead sites or to a place where no one ever visits.

Thus, to identify whether an expired domain has a verifiable source of traffic or not is actually quite difficult. You will also need to try and use a number of tools and utilities to verify the expired domain and its expired traffic.

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