Expired Domains Mean Opportunities

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If you have a website, you want traffic; lots and lots of traffic, as a matter of fact. You are well aware of the fact that there are now millions of Internet users out there, and among those millions, there may be at least one or two thousand web surfers every day looking for the exact services or products that you’re selling. But there’s a problem. How do you reach out to those potential customers and make them come to your site?

You probably have been very busy already with your Internet marketing. I would assume that you have submitted your site to the search engines, bought a few ads in a variety of e-zines, and perhaps even put up a couple of banners. So are you satisfied with the results you are getting from your efforts? You may have tried all that you know about promoting your site and your products, but are you getting the traffic that you wanted? If not, then maybe you need to look in other directions.

But don’t worry; you won’t have to resort to illegitimate methods just to get the traffic you need. There is a perfectly ethical and legitimate way to get traffic to your site, and it’s very effective, too. But what makes this method even better is that over 95% of the people on the World Wide Web have absolutely no clue about it at all. So, have I got your attention? Let me explain it to you a bit more in detail.

Have you ever considered using expired domains for pulling in traffic to your site? Probably not yet, but let me tell you, this is a great (but oftentimes overlooked) opportunity for you. Expired domains have a lot of wasted traffic coming to their site, and this traffic could be put to better use for you instead. If you’re lucky, you may even find a domain name that’s related to your business in Yahoo. This could save you an instant $200 off the Yahoo listing charge.

Think of the possibilities here. For the cost of a single domain name, there could be loads of traffic just waiting for you! It costs less than $10 to register a domain name nowadays, and coupled with the potential immediate traffic, you cannot find a better deal than this. It’s estimated that over 3 million visitors are hitting an expired domain every day. That is mostly targeted traffic, and I’m willing to bet that you’d like to get a piece of that action. If so, then it’s time to start working and get those wasted traffic to your site.

But why did these domains expire in the first place? There could be several reasons. Sometimes webmasters just get weary of all the work involved in developing and maintaining the site. Perhaps they become too busy with work or with their personal lives. Others may have carelessly let their domains expire without knowing it, and several may have met with financial problems, so they just stopped maintaining the site.

One good thing about this whole situation, though, is that the traffic that these expired domains have generated since the time they were active just keeps on coming. If you’re a virtual realtor in cyberspace, this could make for some very attractive real estate indeed. Registering expired domains need some careful research on your part, though. Most important of all, you have to be certain that the domain’s traffic isn’t coming from websites that you’d want to avoid at all costs, like porn sites or such.

Now, if you have done your job and made sure that the traffic is satisfactory, you have two options for taking advantage of your new domain. First option is to redirect the traffic from the previously expired domain to your own site. Second option is to sell off the domain, which could be very profitable for you, depending on how heavy the traffic is.

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