Fake PageRank Can Cost You Serious Money

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You’ve probably heard of the virtual gold rush occurring over the last few years by purchasing valuable domain names and reselling them to domain speculators and companies. Purchasing the right domain name at the right time can mean big money for those in the know who spot a great deal, or jump on an emerging trend.

If you’re browsing the popular webmaster forums you’ll see a lot of great looking website deals. A growing problem with all of the URL’s to choose from is figuring out which ones are real domain bargains and which ones are over-hyped trash.

Often, domain sellers will attempt to fraudulently inflate the stats or in the case of an established website, fake it’s Google Pagerank. This score is the popular search engine Google’s way to calculate the importance of websites in the Google index. When a site has Pagerank it is listed between 0 and 10. The higher the Pagerank score the better trusted the site is in the eyes of Google.

Devious webmasters often will use a 301 or 302 redirect to artificially boost the domains Pagerank. This gives the appearance of a popular and Google trusted site when in reality it is neither. Those involved with search engine optimization will be able to spot this trick a mile away, but those who are new to the domain purchasing game can lose a wad of cash purchasing a hyped up fake pr domain.

Fake PageRank is a very popular way of over inflating the value of a website domain by tricking Google in to thinking it has more clout than it really does. When someone is offering a website domain for sale one of the selling points frequently used is the website’s Pagerank.

One of the tools I always use before ever purchasing an established domain is the Fake PageRank Checker Tool. With this great tool you can spot fake Pagerank and avoid a very costly mistake: http://www.seologs.com/pr-check/pagerank.html

There’s no doubt that buying and selling domain names and established websites can be a great money-maker. However, it really pays to take a few careful precautions before you make a purchase to check out the claims being made and do your due diligence to ensure a successful outcome.

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