Find Your Perfect Domain NOW – 3 Services That Will Speed Up Your Web Domain Name Search

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So, you’re looking for that perfect domain name. There HAS to be an easier way to do it than typing domain names one after the other into a registrar’s search box hoping to finally find something worthwhile, right?

Good news! You can make your web domain name search process a lot easier by using the right services online. Here are three services you can use to help you speed up the process of finding good available domain names.

Nameboy is a nifty domain name service. By simply typing a few keywords or phrases into Nameboy’s search function, you can immediately get hundreds and hundreds of domain name suggestions. Built from your exact keywords, as well as synonyms and plurals, you’ll have an exhaustive list of possible domain names to look at.

Not only that, but Nameboy will also show you which domain names and extensions are taken or available for each possible domain name it generates. If you’re too lazy or don’t have the time to brainstorm domain names yourself, Nameboy is the tool you want to use.

Domainsbot is a little more rudimentary than Nameboy, but still quite useful for those who find Nameboy a little overwhelming. With this service you can just type your keyword phrase into the search box, and as you type Domainsbot will start checking to see which domains for your keyword phrase is still available. This information will be provided for you without you having to click any buttons.

I have found that their searchbox gets “stuck” after a few searches on numerous occasions, and while that’s annoying it may be down to my internet connection or some other factors.

They also have a plugin for Firefox, so if you use that browser this may be a good option for you.

Finally, if you want to generate absolutely huge lists of domain names, you can try Nametumbler. You simply provide a keyword, decide what sort of words you want to associate with that keyword, and almost instantly you have a big list of possible domain names. You are then directed to Godaddy’s domain name availability tool to help you check the list you just created.

This is a little bit of a cumbersome process though, and you can only check one domain name extension at a time.

Personally, I like Nameboy’s service the best for two reasons. You immediately get the availability of multiple domain extensions, plus you get some very useful domain name suggestions.

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