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Finding the best domain names available for your website is important, as the domain name that you choose is like the name over your physical store that will determine how well people remember your website. Your domain name is like your brand, and you will find that choosing the right one will be the only way to get your online brand right. Here are some tips to help you choose the correct domain names for your website:

Tip 1: When looking into domain names, take the time to sort out the names that you want but that are already taken. For example, if “” is already taken, write down whether it is owned by a business, whether it is being used to monetize another page, whether it is under construction, or whether it is a dead page. This will help you to figure out whether or not you can purchase it, as pages that are owned or under construction are not for sale.

Tip 2: Figure out how many letters you want in your domain name to give you an idea of how much you will end up paying. A 3 or 4 letter URL like eBay or Gold will cost you a pretty penny to purchase, but domain names with 5 or more letters start getting cheaper. The longer your URL, the cheaper it will be, so think about what your domain name will be in order to determine how much you are going to end up paying.

Tip 3: When checking out names, you may want to use sites like to help you find out which domains are available. You can input the “perfect” domain that you want, and the website will dredge up a list of all the names similar to it that are taken or available. Check over the list of names to find out which ones will be the best, or try another potential domain until you find out which one is the best for your website. Remember to avoid awkward letters like Q, W, P, Z, and X as much as possible, and try to avoid the hyphen as well.

Tip 4: Use online domain auction sites to find auctions where you can purchase old or dead domains that are no longer in use. You may be able to find a good domain that would normally cost a fortune, but you may be able to purchase it at a good price.

Tip 5: Use some of the easily available online tools to help you find the best domain for your site. Dislexicon is a great tool that takes a regular word and tacks on prefixes or suffixes in order to help you find a catchy name for your site, and is a great tool to help you find domain names using real words. JustDropped gives you the option of looking up domain names just expiring, and WordMixer lets you mix up words into catchy URLs.

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