Five Myths About Choosing a Good Domain Name

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Choosing a good domain name can make the difference between online success or failure. The domain name of an online business is like the location for an offline business. And let’s be honest, would a shop in a stuck away in an alley attract the same number of visitors as a shop in a busy main street?

Ok, now have that we have that figured out, lets see why it seems so hard to pick a catchy and appealing domain name.

Myth #1: all good domain names are taken. Right?

Wrong. It is a fact that many of the best domain names are taken, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good names available any more. As a matter of fact – there are lots of great domain names available.

Myth #2: a good domain name tells exactly what the business is all about. Right?

Wrong again. What is a Google? What does an Amazon have to with shopping? Skype? What the heck is a skype…?

Myth #3: a good domain name is just a few letters long. Right?

Well, close but not necessarily. It’s obvious that a 3 letter domain name is cool, easy to remember and… extremely expensive. Think tens of thousands of dollars. If you can afford it, go for it. If you can’t, don’t let it stop you from making money online. I know lots of people that are making a killing online with 10, 20 or even 30 letter domain names. It didn’t stop them. It didn’t stop me. It shouldn’t stop you.

Myth #4: a dot-info, dot-biz or a dot-whatever extension is as good as a dot-com.

No. it is not. Well, okay, a dot-info is as good as a dot-com if you don’t mind if that the search engines completely ignore your website. But if you are serious about this, a dot-com is the only way to go.

Myth #5: picking a good domain name is like choosing a name for your first born.

Rubbish my friend. It is harder! You can name your child whatever you want (whether he/she loves your taste of names is another story) while the number of names that will suit your website and business is limited.

Let’s rap it all up.

Spend some time picking a good domain name and choose one with a keyword in it. But don’t go overboard. You are better off building your online business then spending weeks researching domain names.

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