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A fully qualified domain name is a specific domain which comes with a trailing dot or has a dot at the end. This dot is however usually ignored. The domain name is very unique and this is the reason leaf node uses it to generate message ID. The message ID is necessary to identify each message or article. A message ID is a header or a title which is usually not visible until you choose to display header, display raw or display source. The internet will give you more information on how to acquire a fully qualified domain. The other information available is on how to configure your fully qualified name. You might encounter some technical language and terms but, all you have to do is keenly follow the instructions so that you can get the domain name you want.

The fully qualified domain name has two parts and they are the host name and the domain name. It is very easy to get a fully qualified domain name. Firstly assuming you are registered to own the domain meat dot com, you can also have the sub domains that will fall under the domain and this means that you can have my dot meat dot com registered as yours. You can also tell your internet service provider to assign you a domain that can be used for message ID. On top of this, you need to ask them for more information about the domains available if you do not fully understand their purpose. They are sure to give you details and also direct you on how to go about configuring the fully qualified domain name.

You can configure the fully qualified domain names using two ways and the first is system wide and the other is local to leaf node. The first thing you should know about the system wide is that it should have the host name entered into your system so that it is made available all over the world. Therefore the first thing that needs to happens is to configure the host name alone and the internet will provide a lot of information on this for you to follow. The second step involves putting the fully qualified host name into the system. The local to leaf node configuration is not complicated at all. The best way to configure is using the system wide.

It is good to know the various kinds of domain names so that you can make the best decision. While you undertake your research on the domains, you will also discover that there is an unqualified domain name and this is the opposite of the qualified names. You will also discover that the fully qualified domains are also known as absolute domain names. You will get to learn about the partially qualified domain names which are different as they imply. Do not forget that a fully qualified name fully and uniquely identifies the node in the domain name system from the root. Knowing all the different features available will enable you to make out which domain is which and you can choose one that will be most suitable for your personal use or for your business or organization.

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