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A main Domain, an alternative domain or an additional domain for your online business must be a generic domain. While branding domain name for your business, Professional generic domain name acts as a representative for your product or service to the entire industry. For example:,,, and E.T.C. These are one word generics.

When you buy a generic domain to build your website, you are aligning your self as business leader of your sector either product or service. Researches from 2004 onwards showed that around 20% of daily global Internet users arrive at websites through “direct navigation” by browsing. Direct navigation means typing the URL [domain name] into a browser address bar / uses a bookmark. 20 % of free traffic to your web for life long, just for a one time investment i.e. Generic Domain Name that also a hand picked domain name.

Direct navigation traffic is possible if you own a Generic domain only. This type of high quality traffic is extremely valuable for the domain owner. Marketers and online businessmen have found out the value of type in traffic from direct navigation, they purchase generic domains at any cost even for millions for their online presence. Direct navigation will ensure that your visitors are actively interested and looking for the product or service related to your domain name, and will find your website without an agent.

More over such domains are hand picked and they are clear dictionary words. Words with numbers, hyphens and typo’s are not at all considered as Generic domains, It must represent a product, service in a clear manner. It is a goldmine if you own a keyword domain; Even if it is a three word domain it is valuable. Such domains are generally normal in length, easily memorable and sexy so once a visitor visits your site, the visitor may revisit with out any distraction i.e. repeated high quality traffic is got without any floating expenses.

At present domain market is quite dull means sales prices are quite low and not up to our expectation, But soon it will boom up, I feel with in two years and the prices of domains will hike up like a sky rocket it is not easy to find a Creative Generic keyword Domain name. It involves Creative thinking and a lot of worthy brain storming process to pick a Generic Keyword Domain name for your business or service related industry. Software searches won’t provide worthy Domain selections, Hand picking is found to be the best from our experience. But it takes several hours to find a good quality Domain name.

Already best easily known keyword generics were registered by domainers. They acquired these domains few years back and renewals paid for more than five years with knowledge in market trend. This foresight made them millionaires, because the Cost of Generic top level Dot Com Domain name is millions worth.

If you have a glimpse to few of the Leading Domain Seller Market places and Auctions, You may find even non Generics, bids up to hundreds and thousands of Dollars, and then the only way to acquire a high quality Generic Keyword Domain is to buy at after market. Learn the Market Trend and grab a Creative Generic Domain Name, before any one else.

Some domainers say you can acquire good names from expired domains, please note it is just a bluff mostly all of them are just waste rags. if a good domain gets expired there is a bidding on that and software is available to pick them up and they are auctioned by proxy bidding so the prices will hike up. It is almost worthless when it is open for public registration. This is the situation for normal domains then how can you get a genetic key word domain. It is almost a tough game.

There is one more joke when you register domain names i.e. up to 100 domains you will be just registering that’s all, and after you acquire some 100’s of domains and if you look back your domains, You feel that how foolish i am just registered so many worthless names. Even very good domainers feel like this. General concept is 4 out of 5 domains would worth less than the expectation, even if you work hard for 1 1/2 shift per day and collide with tons of key words to get a key domain for your product or service, you can find a real diamond from the junk, even now real gems are available. But most of them is over, As domainers scraped their heads for more than 10 years in this business.

I have collided my head with the four walls of my room, my computer , books ETC to build my small domain portfolio even best webmasters and SEO’s stunned when they visited my domain portfolio and mailed their congrats that ” most of your domains are very valuable and you will end up with potential end users who will be ready to pay up to six figures so you just wait for an end user to contact you, keep your mail up to date and respond properly when you receive a mail” I feel very thankful to those kind hearted friend who have spent their precious time to review my site and respond for my future endeavor. I personally feel that it is purely Gods grace, as almighty has his power to activate each and every aspect of this mighty world

I place a humble request to all my friends and community members to make a review on my site and post their valuable comments to improve the site statistics. if you are interested in the purchase of generic domains just mail me from my website. I also request to recommend my site if your friend, neighbors or cousin is in want of generic domains

I sincerely thank the webmasters who permitted me to publish my article.

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