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It’s all about searching these days. But what if a search yields 389,000 results and you can’t find what you want because the search engine returns just too much no matter what you are looking for? For example, if you want to know what’s going on in Namibia, you want hard information on websites with Namibian domains, and not thousands of links to unrelated sites and subjects.

Namibia may be one of the larger countries in the world, but on Google we get lost, especially when the local sites you’re looking for do not have country-specific domains. If you can’t tell by the URL where a website is, what do you do?

This is where local directories come in. They are a filter to the World Wide Web. They can list all the local companies, organizations, agencies, and other sites a customer is interested in. They can also sort it all so what they are looking for is easy to find. Assume, for example, that someone wants to learn about insurance companies operating in Namibia. All they’d do is go to a local Namibian portal, select “Business and Finance,” and then the “Insurance” sub-category. Or they want to find a Graphic Design firm. Now they’d go to “Arts and Culture” and then pick “Graphic Design” to find a local company.

A local directory can also help in other ways. It lets local businesses add their own site to the directory so that others can easily find them. You can use a URL form to enter your domain name, describe your site, provide your contact information, and then submit it for inclusion into whatever category you wish (as long, of course, as it complies with the portal’s site inclusion criteria). Once accepted, customers can easily find your hotel in Windhoek, lodge in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, or a reliable local tour operator.

If you have a business or organization in Namibia, Kiribati, Mauritius, Timor-Leste, Norfolk Island, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, Christmas Island, or Dominica, there is now an easy way to register a website with those country codes. Domain name registration is simple and easy and anyone can do it. You do not need to be an Internet service provider or computer specialist to do it. Once you register your domain or domains, you are free to any web host or Internet service provider you want. You can even move domains from one provider to another all by yourself. No questions will be asked.

Until now, this level of service was not available in Namibia, and Namibian businesses, organizations and consumers had to use a foreign registrar or their representative to register their local domains. For the first time it is now possible to register local and country-specific domains directly in Namibia from an organization properly accredited by COCCA, the Council of Country Code Administrators.

Getting noticed with Namibian domains has just become a whole lot easier. It takes just minutes to register, there is no waiting period, and no paperwork is required.

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