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You have had your site for awhile now, you have spent a lot of time maintaining the website, advertising and have actually started making a profit. It’s been almost a year and you receive a notice that advises that it’s time to get your domain name renewed. This process should be taken seriously, otherwise you could face consequences that you could have easily avoided.

Typically, the renewal notices are sent out anywhere from 30 to 60 days before the expiration date. What happens if you don’t renew? Your domain will be suspended and will become inactive. The bottom line is that your site is out of commission and the money stops rolling in. What happens after the suspension time frame is up?

Get your domain name back as soon as possible otherwise you are gambling everything away. Not just the website but everything that goes with it. If your domain goes unclaimed, it then goes on the market and anyone can buy it.

If you don’t get your domain name fees paid in time and you lose the whole shebang, you have to start all over – from scratch. You have to pick a new domain name, get it registered, obtain a new e-mail address, create the website, obtain new content, let all of suppliers and clients know and so much more. What a headache to do just because you didn’t renew your domain in a timely manner.

Just think about how hard you had worked to get your website on page one. All of the late nights and weekends you spent working on creating and building your website are gone. All of the money you spent in advertising is all gone and you have nothing to show for it but some receipts.

What can you do to stay on top of your game and not lose your domains? Keep a file with all of your domains along with their renewal dates so that you will never have to deal with not paying the renewal fees on time. If you have misplaced this information, you can get your domain name and other necessary and important information from the Registrar control panel.

Double check your spam folder to ensure that any and all e-mails from your registrar are received and read in a timely manner. If you do lose your domain and have to create a new e-mail address, make sure that your registrar has your new contact information so that you don’t miss out on any important information. It’s bad enough that you lost your domain but if are trying to start over and miss out on an e-mail, it’s just something you shouldn’t have to deal with.

Your domain name is the key to keeping your website live and in your hands. Consider it your own piece of virtual property that can be foreclosed on if you are not careful. If you have the option, which you should, pay for two years instead of one so you are ahead of the game. Get your domain name and keep it renewed or suffer unfortunate consequences.

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