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Marketing yourself online correctly is one of the most important things you can do as a business. With so much focus on having a viable Internet presence for networking, communication and your customers, it’s crucial that you are accessible and well represented. From social networking, SEO and PPC marketing to opening avenues of communication with consumers and providing them with accessible and relevant information, there’s plenty to think about and a lot of work that goes into creating and maintaining a successful and useful online personality for your company.

Before you start throwing ideas around and looking into site features that you want to implement, you need to lay out a plan of action and discuss your wants and needs with a qualified and experienced web developer. While hiring a programmer to set up websites for you is an easy way to get started, having a team that knows about online marketing, SEO and web strategy can really help you get ahead quickly. You need to remember that for every website there’s at least a dozen more that serve a similar function – if you aren’t competitive you won’t succeed. A web developer can help you decide on a target demographic and advise you on the different aspects of an online presence that will be crucial for you.

Choosing a domain name

One of the most important things that is likely to stick forever is the domain name that you choose when setting up your site. Whether it’s a “.com”, “.org” or “.net”, a domain name is just as important as a storefront – it’s what will identify you to and make the initial impression on your every potential client or customer. A domain name needs to be easy to remember, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, available for lease from a domain registrar.

Follow a few of these tips when you’re trying to decide on a domain name and make the best choice that facilitates plenty of traffic and an effective online presence.


As the standard domain used worldwide, “.com”s tend to see a lot more traffic than “.net”s and “.org”s. If you want to stay memorable than try to register the “.com” for any domain you’re looking at acquiring. The differences in traffic are noticeable and you’ll find more people stumbling across your page after being recommended by friends.

Avoid punctuation

Hyphens, underscores and other normal punctuation that we’d include in our content can be a real snag in your web address. Keep messy punctuation out and don’t force your users to remember any little nuances in your domain.

Keep it short

Shorter web addresses are easier to remember and share. When people can’t remember where exactly they found you they’ll only go so far to find your site again and, when you’re in the budding stages of SEO, that can be a struggle in itself. Try to keep your domain name short, memorable and include a keyword if you can that won’t be quickly forgotten.

Get started on your web presence and focus on making your company visible and accessible online. Experience the benefits of appealing to the largest audience in the world and watch your business grow beyond the confines of its physical size – start marketing yourself today.

The Search Engine Marketing team at Limelight Online are experts in their field and are dedicated to ensuring that your website reaches top of first page Search Engine rankings. All in all, we offer a full range of online experiences. We look forward to talking with you.

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