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Even though some people believe that getting domains is quite affordable, the term ‘affordable’ is subjective in nature. This just means that even though some person may find the cost of registering a name cheaply, another may find it expensive. Moreover, when it comes to setting up a new business, every little penny counts in the end. If you add to this situation the recent global economic downturn, the whole thing becomes very dire for the online entrepreneur. In effect, saving money is especially important for an online business. One of the ways you can save money and still setup a new online business is by going through available free domains, instead of buying one fresh.

Despite the fact that there will always be naysayers, it is entirely possible that you will find a gem of a domain in such lists that are all over the internet. Here are some tips designed to help you get names for free

Look for hosts that provide free names:

The simplest and easiest way to get them for free is to simply look for hosting service providers on the internet that provide domains for free if you sign up with them. Providing domains for free has become a gimmick for many hosting service providers on the internet for attracting more customers and you can use this trend to your own advantage. Just find the best hosting service providers on the internet that provide free domain names and you are all set.

Choose a good sub domain:

While proper domain names are always better, you would also have the option of choosing a sub domain name. You will find many lists on the internet for free domain names that mainly contain sub domain names as against proper domain names.

Work to get free names:

It is also possible for you to get free domains by just working hard. There are many websites on the internet that reward free ones to people who are willing to refer people, fill out surveys and participate in a variety of special offers or deals. This means that you can get them free just by participating in some promotional offer, referring your friends to join and participate or even filling out some surveys and forms.

The domain for your website is going to be its identity for the foreseeable future. This just means that you have to make sure that you get the right domain name for it. Many times, good names are already purchased and blocked off by people looking for profit, looking for free ones through the steps provided above becomes a viable and, indeed, an important option that should not be ignored at all.

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