Great Tips On What Domain Names To Buy For Your Business

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If you are in the process of developing your website, we’ve put together a great list of what you need to know when purchasing a domain name for your business. There are many myths out there that have to be dispelled when it comes to what domain name you should purchase as well as what the extension should be. Also, we’ll talk about how to purchase multiple domains for internet marketing purposes. These are must read tips if you are looking at outranking your competition and wanting to look like the leader in your industry.

The first main tip to think about is your domain name. Obviously you would like a domain name that contains your business name. I’ve heard of numerous so called SEO experts say not to do this because it would be better to buy a domain name that has your service type as the domain instead of your company name. As an example if you own a local house painting company in Denver these so called experts would say to purchase the domain name Denver House Painting Company as your company’s main domain. I completely disagree. It is better for branding purposes to own your company name as your domain name because when you go to build your brand and company, your returning customers will search for your company name and not your service type. It is still important to own domains that have your service type and geographic location in the name but we’ll show you the benefit of owning those later on.

Also pertaining to your businesses primary domain, I would not recommend having any kind of special characters within your domain name like numbers or a -. Can you imagine having a – in your domain name and having to type it out every time in a email or having to explain it to a client over the phone? So keep your domain name simple so it’s easier for customers and you to remember.

As for what domain extension to,.net,.org,.co etc. I would do everything in my power to obtain as my primary business domain. The reason being is not only because it’s a top level domain, but also because extensions are becoming very limited and shortly it will be really hard to acquire the domain that you want.’s are getting older and more expensive because of the availability. So do what you can to purchase of your main business. If you can’t purchase for your company name and the current owner won’t sell it, don’t sweat it, you can still purchase domain extensions

I was talking before about the purposes for purchasing domain in the name of your service type. What I would recommend is to do a search in Google’s keyword tool for the most searched keyword phrases that your potential customers are searching for your business for and then purchase the top five (or ten depending on your budget) domain names that correspond with that search. For example, if you own the house painting company in Denver and you find that Google shows that the most searched keyword phrase in your local industry is indeed Denver House Painting Company, then I would suggest purchasing that domain name in any extension that’s available. Here’s why… The game of internet marketing currently is a game of link building. Better yet, link building that comes from the related industry of your main domain name. What I mean by this is that a link from one of your sub-websites <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” href=””></a> that’s related to your industry has more value than a link coming from the industry of say… “Underwater basket weaving”.

So what do you do with those five or ten domain names that you own? I would create classy WordPress blogs out of them and build links to your main website. In our example of the house painting company, we create links to your main domain name from our wordpress blogs of <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” href=””></a> or whatever domain name was purchased. I’m sure you are asking why we set up our websites link building like this. The reason being is because it is getting harder and harder to get links to your website from another website within your industry. But if you control the websites within your industry, you can generate all the links to your main domain name that you want. I would watch out for two main things when setting this up.

Don’t spam or use copyrighted content on your sub-websites. Search engines will pick this up and ban the website. You should be writing authentic articles that pertain to your industry and it should be done over time, not all at once.

I would recommend not having your sub domains NOT on the same hosting account as your main website. So purchase a couple different hosting accounts to separate out your domains across them. This gives the appearance that the websites are not apart of my network and that it’s not a link farm.

Remember, we’re trying to do this all naturally and not generate links in a spam fashion. There is a wise old say that goes like this: ‘KISS: keep it simple stupid’. If these tips are the only ones that you take to heart and take action on, your business with benefit tremendously. Remember, take your time in purchasing your domain and sub domains if funds are limited. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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