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There are many things to consider when you decide to buy a domain name. Firstly you need to understand that buying a domain name is different from buying hosting. Hosting is the service that hosts your website. You can buy a domain name without having it hosted.

The first part of the process when you decide to buy a domain name is that you need to decide on the name and this is the most important step in the whole process. Once you have bought your domain name you cannot go and change it if you realize that it is the wrong name, or you have come up with a better name. If you really want to change the name you will have to buy another domain name with the new name and if you do not want to keep the first one, you just don’t re-register it and let it expire.

Your domain is your “signpost” on the virtual world of the internet so you need to get it right.

Think of it like this. When you go to buy property you take your time, look around, choose the one you really want then you buy it. It should be the same with a domain name because a domain name is your virtual property on the net. No one else can own your property once you have bought it and no one else can own the same domain name as you.

Make sure that the name is easy to say and say it out allowed – does it have a good ring to it? Make sure it is not unpronounceable!

Having a domain name that is easy to spell is another advantage – and don’t try and get fancy with a different spelling. For example if you want blue widgets then don’t register bluwidgetzz – who will remember that?

Try and keep the name short as a short name will be easier to remember than a long name. So would be easier to remember than

Sometimes though having a long name could be the right thing to do – if it is memorable like a rhyme or a saying that relates to your target audience.

Things to Avoid With a Domain Name
Having dashes (-) or underscores (_) in a domain name is not a good idea as they may mix people up or the search engines may give preference to the same domain name without the dashes or underscores.

Numbers are also a confusing thing like the above because when people here a number in a domain name they automatically think of spelling it and not the number itself. This is because the vast majority of domain names do not have an actual number in them.

Do not choose a domain name that is a misspelling as this will only confuse people and you will actually be helping your competitors. Using the example above, if I have the domain name and you had people that you talk to who may go and check out your site will probably end up at mine – great for me but not for you!

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