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What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you registered already? Don’t you know that the internet is growing at a staggering rate every single day? With all of that growth there are unlimited opportunities in which to tap into to make a living online. Whether it is a service or product that you plan to sell online, the most important way for people to identify with your company is through your online business name, also referred to as your domain name.

Your domain name is the first thing that people identify you or your company by. It is your personal piece of real estate on the information highway. Nobody else can register your exact name; only a variation of it. For example, if you register acmewidgets.com, someone else would still be able to register acmewidgets.net or acmewidgets.org. When you register your domain name, it is recommended that you register the other top level domains and have them pointed or forwarded to the main site. This prevents confusion for your potential customers.

Another point to remember when you are creating your online identity is to try and register a domain name with a keyword that describes your business. Let’s say you plan to sell Self Help books on home renovations. For starters, the word ‘renovation’ could be included in your name which would also count as a keyword for search purposes. You can try something like howtorenovate.com, homereno.com and so forth. The point is to let your domain name tell your potential customers what line of business you are in while buttering up the search engines to have your site ranked higher.

Now there are many companies that offer domain registration services and many of them are very reputable. When searching for a domain registrant, check to see that you have full control over your DNS settings. You also want to find out about transfer fees if applicable. Do they offer you free or cheap web space to get you started? And lastly, make sure that you shop around before you decide and compare. Just remember, the cheapest price isn’t always the best to go with.

Good luck with your new venture and be sure to get a hold of your deed to your piece of the internet highway – register today!

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