Have You Thought Of Using Domain Parking To Make Money?

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Domain parking is one of the laziest ways to make money with domains: you don’t need to pay hosting fees, design a site or create content. This advertising practice it’s very easy to understand: you point your domain to some parking company, they display some ads and when someone clicks those ads…you make money.

It’s similar to Google AdSense (they pay for the clicks your ads receive) but involves less efforts (you can reg. and park +100 domains in the time that it takes to develop one or two domains).

There are many domain parking companies like Sedo or NameDrive (Namedrive.com is much better than Sedo in my experience) and were talking about a big industry with many players involved.

Some Guys Make Fortunes With Parking….While Others Make Pennies

Domain Parking is becoming an increasingly lucrative business but the problem with it is that the parked domains don’t rank well at the search engines. That’s why they receive low traffic from the search engines and that’s why

there are some guys and companies making fortunes with parking, others are making just pennies.

Now…How do the big domainers make money with parking?

They get domains with traffic just from the start. That’s all. They focus on 3 types of domains only:

1) Type-In Domains: Domains that the users type without going to the search engines. Example: ringtones.com

2) Typo Domains: Mispelled Domains (You can’t imagine the big traffic that comes from here).

3) Expired Domains with Traffic.

See? Domain Parking it’s a Great Industry and if you do want to get into the domain business, its my suggestion that you try to learn the basics and the secrets before doing nothing.

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