Having Trouble Registering a Domain Name? – Here’s Help

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Registering a domain names nowadays is super cheap and has decreased drastically over the years. From costing over $20 some years back you can now get one for anything from $6 – $10 about the same price as a pizza and coke…

Domains are purchased for numerous reasons – Anything from buying to resell to the creation of a fully fledged and optimized Ecommerce or Affiliate Site.

Registering your domain name and choosing the correct one is one of the most important factors when starting a site or online business.

Try Choosing a name that is:

– Available and preferably a .com

– Easy to remember

– Possibly Brandable within the targeted niche or market

– Easy to spell and pronounce

– Not crude, foul or racially offensive.

– illustrate and conveys the main factor of what your site and site’s market entails.

Getting to pick your domain:

– Start by brainstorming and doing keyword research on the nature of your site and it’s market or specific niche. You can also use online thesaurus to find relevant and targeted keywords.

– Make sure that your short list of possible and viable domains are available by heading over to NameCheap.com… Simply type in the word, phrase or brandable keyword. Select either .com or .org etc and then see if it available. Do your bet to acquire a relevant .com domain.

– Now after having a list of possible domain names that are available go ahead and leave them for a day or two. Then after that try and remember some of them without actually looking at the list, this will give you an indication if visitors will do the same… this especially important if you wish to brand your site and want repeat visits on a regular basis. If you can’t remember it what’s the chances of your customers remembering it.

My final tip is to go ahead and register the domain yourself. Don’t fall prey to people wanting to help you out… If you let someone else register it for you, you will be running the risk of them putting it in their name and this could spell real problem for you in the future. Just Imagine Mr. Zuckerburg registered Facebook in someone else’s name. Yip you got it, not good…

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