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There is quite a bit controversy regarding domain names. Domain names can relate to your actual product or business, or they can look like you are an affiliate. They can be crazy names, or even cloaked and not apply to anything.

So how do you choose a domain name and why is it important?

Choosing a domain name from my point of view depends on your advertising and how you will promote it.

If you use SEO (search engine optimization), you want your main key words to also be included in your domain name. That will impact your search engine positioning. It may take you awhile to find a domain name with your keywords in it and their are tools to help you with that search.

Let’s say you are marketing on totally free sites, such as Craigslist.org, Backpage.com, or Kijiji.com.

You might want to choose a crazy name, here’s an example (SpottedFlyingSkunk.com), to market your product. As you can see, a crazy name really doesn’t have to apply to your product. The purpose of a crazy name is to get noticed and clicked, nothing else. Once your visitor is at your site, the site does the selling.

I market a product on Craigslist.org and use crazy names all the time to get noticed. I have done tests, and my crazy names out click others by at least 2 to 1. Since domain names are cheap, you can try this idea with your own product.

Good luck. Don’t be afraid to experiment with crazy names.

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