How Do I Find an Inexpensive Domain Authority Registrar?

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When looking for a good domain authority one should first and for most consider the cost. How much is it going to cost me? There are many register companies out there who want your business and will offer many features to attract you to them to make a sale. And price is the number one selling point.

Here is a list of four companies on the internet I recommend and trust:





The above 4 companies can secure your domain name and host it as well providing resources such as web development companies of all sizes and shapes and more. I currently use network solutions because I have been with them since 1995 and even though they are a little higher in price, I’m satisfied with there quality of service and support.

Always keep in mind three things, first are you trying to start a company and brand your product with your domain name? Second, keep in mind the SEO or search engine optimization aspect of picking a domain name, make sure know your competition and thirdly, make sure you take steps to secure your domain name for the life of your business.

Starting a small business is exciting and over whelming all at the same time, one key to success is picking out a domain name that fits your product brand but also has keywords to help with search engine placement. With out search engine placement driving traffic to your site can be expensive depending on what source you choose. I will save that for a later article on how to drive quality traffic to your new website with a limited budget.

You might be asking your self, what is a keyword? A keyword is the name of a product or service that you are trying to break your small business into. For example: if you sold vitamins the brand of the vitamin should be in your domain name. Search engines like to see keywords in the domain name to help target and focus search results and traffic. Several search engines use top level domain names for example: .us or .uk to determine whether you are in the United States of United Kingdom which can help local customers know your geographical location.

Domain name registers are always offering deals for new customers, just the other day I saw one that offered ten years for ten dollars. That is practically an unbeatable offer for anybody. The reason these companies offer such a good deal is the fact that 99% of the time once somebody registers a domain name with them they stay a customer for life. Before you jump on that great deal you find, keep in mind the renewal rates for renewing your new domain name. You might pay one dollar a year for the first 10 years of business but renewal could be as high as forty dollars per year once the 10 years are up.

Once you figure out a good domain name for your small business and pick a register company to hold and or host the domain name, you need to make sure at the time of purchase you check the auto renewal. One of the biggest mistakes companies do is register a domain name for one year and work hard to build the websites pages and promote it, then after the one year loose the registration because the person that setup the domain name forgot too enable the auto-renewal on his/her account. There are companies on the internet that make it their life to buy up expired domain names. If you loose the domain name, 99.9% of the time you will never be able to get that domain name back because somebody will buy it before you can secure it again.

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