How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For My Podcasts?

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HostGator has been offering web hosting services since 2002 to many businesses all over the world. Not only do they offer hosting services to individual companies, but they also allow any of their companies to resell their hosting as well. This can be a highly convenient option for web developers, web designers and SEO creators, as they will be able to not only design and upload a website for their non-technical clients, but then on top of it they will be able to continue to retain control of the maintenance of the site.


HostGator has a variety of great features in their hosting services and they are divided into a variety of pricing tiers depending on the level of hosting you need. While the basic space allowed per type of account varies, the number of domains are unlimited all across the board. The only difference is the price.

Aluminum – the basic offer that gives you 50GB of server space and a monthly bandwidth of 500GB.

Copper – 80GB space; 700 GB bandwidth

Silver – 120GB space; 1000 GB bandwidth

Gold – 160 GB space; 1200 GB bandwidth

Diamond – 200 GB space; 1400 GB bandwidth

The bonuses that come with reseller accounts are the same across the board:

– unlimited domains

– unlimited sub domains

– unlimited email accounts

– unlimited MySQL databases

– unlimited FTP accounts

– free site builder software

– private name servers

– free billing systems

– free domain reseller account

– 4,500 free website templates in 22 languages

Whether you need to maintain just a few websites or even if you wish to start your own web hosting company, it will be possible to do this with HostGator’s reseller services. You will get all the tools and support you need that will allow your business to get up and running just a few minutes.

In addition, the offer also comes with a free copy of The Web Hosting Book.


The pricing for HostGator reseller accounts varies depending on the package chosen.

The basic price for the aluminum package is $19.96 for the first month and then $24.95 for each month thereafter.

The copper package costs $27.96 in the first month and then $34.95 every month thereafter.

The silver package costs $39.96 for the first month and $49.95 each month thereafter.

The gold package is $59.96 initially then $74.95 thereafter.

The diamond package is $79.96 initially and then $99.95 thereafter.


The main pros of HostGator are that their customer service is one of the greatest off all the hosting available. Additionally, you can contact them at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The uptime on HostGator is incredible. Their sites are hosted on the latest Dual Xeon servers located in their data centers in Dallas. They are additionally connected to 10 different backbone providers.


There really are not many. The only thing that can be said against them is that their pricing is a little bit more expensive than other providers, but this is made up for by the fact of HostGator’s incredible service and uptime.

My name is Alan Dykes. I am a Drafting and Design instructor for a local technical college. I have helped my students to create their own websites so they can showcase their work. We have been very pleased with the exposure to our sights since we have used Go Daddy to register and host their domains and websites. Take a look at HostGator when you are searching to register your domain or host your sight. Let’s check it out!

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