How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

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The first step of getting any website or blog going is to register a domain name with a domain register. The actual process of registering a domain is very quick and easy even for the absolute beginner. Like with any new endeavor you’re concerned about what a domain name will cost you.

Unregistered Domain Names are Cheap

Your typical internet user spends more at their local coffee house in a week than a web address will cost them for an entire year. To register a regular old domain name is going to cost you right about $10 a year. That’s all. For $10 a year you can have your own unique web address that can be used for a website or blog, to create emails from and to brand as part of a business. In fact the domain name is typically the cheapest part of any online strategy.

Registered Domain Names can get Very Expensive

When it comes to buying one already registered by someone else we’re talking about a whole different ballgame. There are many cases where domains have been sold for many millions of dollars. If someone already has a domain name that you are interested in registered you are going to need to contact and negotiate directly with the owner of that domain. There are, as far as I can tell, no rules when it comes to this sort of domain purchase. It’s pure capitalism. The whole thing usually comes down to figuring out what that person is willing to sell it for and what you are willing to pay. If the owner of a domain won’t sell a domain he owns for less than $10,000, and you are only willing to pay $100, then you’re just out of luck. It’s supply and demand at its simplest. There is one of each domain (each is unique) and your level of demand and your budget will determine what you’re willing to pay.

Take Away

Try not to get too hung up on getting that one “perfect” domain name. If someone already has it registered, and if they are willing to sell it, you might be looking at some serious money. On the other hand they may not have any use for it and could sell it to you on the cheap just to get it off their hands. Only way to know is to ask. My suggestion is, especially if you are new to the domain and website game, find one that is unregistered that works for you and keep your money in your pocket. Remember, the content of your website is what’s most important.

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