How Much Should I Pay For a Domain Name? How Much Is Too Much?

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When you are looking at the costs for a website there are two different costs that you need to take into account. The first one is the cost of the domain name and the second thing is cost of the website. These are two different things but in order to have a website, these are the two costs that you need to cover.

However, this article will only look at the average costs for the domain name only.

The costs of just a domain name depends on the TLD (Top Level Domain) that you want, for example or or are all TLDs.

Basically you should not pay more than $USD11 per year for your domain name. You will find sites where the price is higher, but these are usually hosting sites that offer the domain name registration as well as web hosting.

If you want a domain name that relates to a specific country then the costs can vary.

For a domain name you should not pay more than £3.99 or $USD7.00 per year. However, you also need to know that with a domain name you have to take the registration out for 2 years, which means that you should not be paying more than £7.99 or $USD14.00 per two years.

It really pays to shop around if you are looking for a domain name as I have seen sites that charge over £20 for two years and that does not include hosting.

If you are looking for a domain name the most important thing for you to do it so shop around as the price differences between different providers are large for example, the most expensive price I found was $140 for two years and this did not include hosting – it was for the domain name only.

A domain name must also be registered for a minimum of two years, so when you are looking at the prices, make sure that the price shown is for two years and not one year.

After comparing the price of domain names at 10 websites, you should not pay any more than $AUD15 per year, making a total of $AUD30 for a two year registration.

Once you have your domain name you will need to get web hosting so that you will be able to have your website live on the world wide web.

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