How To Buy A Domain Name For Life

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Perhaps you have stopped to wonder if it is feasible to actually buy a domain name for life? This article will help you to answer this question and to give you the information that you need to know in order to get a domain name for life.

Before we look at how to go about doing this it is very important to carefully consider this. Do you want the domain name for the life of the domain or do you want the domain name for the life of the owner?

Consider this. It would be hard for the owner to know how long they are likely to live. They could purchase a domain name today and after that unfortunately pass on tomorrow. In this particular scenario they have had their domain name for life.

However, if we look at the life of the domain, there are some different factors that then come into play.

In order for you to get a name it has to firstly be registered with a domain registrar.

Now a registrar is typically a company that holds the domain name records. They always have to be vetted to be able to be a registrar and are usually accredited with a limited number of domains that they can issue – and these are usually relevant to countries. You would not be able to find a registrar that can register any domain that you want for any country that you would like. However, you can find domain name registrars that can register names for more than one country.

Different countries can also have different rules for registering some of their domains and some have more of a free for all type policy.

The purpose of the domain registrar is to hold the main records for the domain. They are not necessarily the web host.

Part of the records which the registrar keeps will be the date that the domain expires. Currently at the moment the maximum length of time that a domain can be registered for is 10 years.

However, in the event that the domain registrar goes out of business and you can not get access to your domain name records, the domain will expire on the renewal date.

Even though there will always be an expiry date on the domain, there are some inexpensive strategies that you can follow which can be used to keep and look after a domain name for a number of years to come.

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