How to Buy a Domain Name For Your Internet Business

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Good domain names give the public a fair idea about the content in the site. There is a misconception among many of us about domain name being purchased through content provider. The services provided by such companies of course make it easier for companies and individuals for purchasing domains. However this could be done on our own too.

First you need to check for availability of domain. If available, move a step further i.e. filling information about yourself. Then copy pastes the DNS servers that will be used for domain purpose. Once the form is filled and submitted Inter NIC emails the form to you and you have to only respond to the mail. This is done to prevent people from creating registered domains in the name of other people without their knowledge.

The fee charged to register a domain is anywhere around $70. This includes 2 years maintenance and registration process. After 2 years you will have to cough up$ 35 as fees. However as of now no rule mentions that the registrant must be located physically in the represented city which the domain has requested. Most of the companies will be glad to clear you from the trouble of setting it all by yourself by charging you a fee for their services.

If you are keen on a domain that is already taken, you can’t do much about it. You either purchase it from the owner or you could wait patiently wait. If the domain owner has not paid the late fees it will come back to the market and will be available for purchase for a fee of $70. But this cannot be guaranteed.

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