How to Buy a Domain Name to Improve Your Online Business Game

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Your domain name is like your online ID. It’s your identity, your work or portfolio, and your address all rolled into one. Your domain name should be easy to remember and something that would remind people of the nature of your work. Here are tips on how to buy a domain name:

Tip#1: Choose a unique domain name that relates to the core of your business, which can be a product, service or a concept. The more easily people are able to connect to your domain name and business; the better it will be for future growth. Keep it short and simple (KISS) to avoid confusion. Register your domain name as .com and not .biz or .net because most people associate .com with business.

Tip#2: Choose a domain name service registrar. There are lots of registrars available; you must choose the best one for your business.

Tip#3: Check for availability. Your chosen domain name may not be available and your chosen registrar will provide you with multiple options. You can go with the options or you can alternatively think of a new name.

Tip#4: Register and fill out all contact information required. It is important that you provide real information since they may need to contact you for verification.

Tip#5: Verify if the domain name is registered to you and not the registration service provider. There are cases where the registrar will register the name as their own and this can create problems in the future when you try to transfer your existing domain name to another service provider.

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