How to Buy a Domain the Smart Way

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Whatever you decide to do online as business or hobby you most likely end up needing a domain.

There are free solutions that you can use but the advantages of having your own domain exceed the money you spend buying one.

The main advantage of having your own domain vs. free domain is simple: you have control on your own domain vs. not having control over the free solution. And when you build a web based business you really don’t want to use a free solution.

Moving onward you have to think about your business for a little bit. What type of business do you want to develop? According to the answer you might want a domain name that could be your name, a product name, a service, a topic, your company’s name, etc.

You might also want to think about the future or you business plan. When you build a business you build a brand at the same time. You have to decide what brand you want to develop.

It may be your own name, like many marketers do.

This way you can develop multiple products of services or websites and your name will increase their value if you succeed in building a good rep or your name.

This is a more flexible approach in my opinion because you have an ace up your sleeve so to speak. When you come up with a new product that it’s not related to the last one you already have a brand on it, your name. And that is huge versus having to build from ground up from scratch.

It can be a product or service name.

This is another very good approach long term if you stick to a product or service and just refresh it from time to time. For example you develop Terminator Method, a cat rising guide. You build a brand around it, a good rep and all that good stuff and after a while you develop Terminator Method 2, a more advanced guide. And so on and so forth.

It can be both.

Of course you can do both but it might be a little harder. If you want do it, it’s not rocket science.

Domain related you just buy a domain for your product or service and one domain with your name.

At the end of the day it’s about how you plan on doing your business.

Regarding the extension (.com .co .uk .org etc.) it’s best to get the one best suited for your target audience. If you aim for international reach of course you are going to get but if you aim for a specific country you should by the local extension, like .at for Australia, .ca for Canada, .es for Spain, etc.

After that you just need to do a little brainstorming and a check to see if the desired domains are available and can be bought. Do do that you simply go to domain registrar and use their “search” tool.

I usually come up with a bunch of domain names and search for all of them to see if they are available and afterward I decide on which one to buy.

These days chances are that the domain you think of might already be bought that’s why I spend some time finding a good available domain. It takes quite some time in some cases.

After you’ve decided over the domain name and extension just buy it. It’s like buying any other thing online, you create an account you choose the domain pay for it and that’s it.
You log in to make the settings for the domain and that’s it. For me personally it’s simpler than using Facebook. (I allays end up getting stuck there, then I just log out.)

Regarding the hosting, I suggest you get it from some place else. It’s always best to keep the domain separate from the hosting. For example you get the domain from NameCheap and you host it on HostGator or BlueHost or whatever, you get the point.

The connection between the two is done via the settings in the user area. If you think you can’t do it yourself just ask the support team on either of them to give you a hand.

I hope this was helpful, thanks for the time, now get to work.

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