How to Buy Cheap Domain Names That Will Get a Lot of Web Traffic – Are Domain Auctions For You?

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Having a hard time getting just the right domain name for your website?  Well you are not alone.  Since the drop in price of domain names it can be very difficult to find the domain name that fits your business.  No matter what your reason is for having a website, it is important to have a domain name that not only can be remembered but one that is also better for the searches people will be doing in search engines like Google. 

Well you can look for what is available under names but I highly doubt you will find what you are looking for there.  Even many domain names are difficult to get.  So what is the better solution.

Give domain auctions a shot.  Even in the late 90’s business investors were gobbling up domain names so that they could sell them for more.  Well, lately even the casual online venture capitalist has purchased domain names merely so they can sell them.  This may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a great domain name, you can try bidding on one at a domain auction website.

So why is this a great idea?  Why not just pick up some cheap domain name?

There are several reasons.  For one, .info names can be targeted by search engines like Google as spam sites and can easily be de-indexed and no longer appear when people search for them.  This can pretty much cripple your business if it depends heavily on volumes of traffic.  Also, it’s a great idea because not only will you be buying a shorter name with .com at the end, and one that is easy to remember, but you will be buying a domain name that possibly has been around for a while.  Why is this important.  Websites that have been around for a while usually rank higher in Google.  There are some that will be a domain name on an auction and then find that right off the bat they are getting loads of traffic, simply because it has been in the database for so long.

There are many kinds of domain names you can bid on in an auction.  You can buy .com, .net, .biz, .ca, .us and many more.  The cost of these domain names can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the popularity of that word or term in the search engines.  You see, say the domain name you bid on is “buywidgets”.com  If a lot of people are searching for the term “buy widgets” in Google than you are going to get a lot of traffic from those searches on your website because they regard your domain name as high importance.  A great domain name can make or break your business so choose wisely.  I would even suggest looking on a domain auction site before naming your business because you might get some great ideas for a domain name or even build your entire business around this perfect domain name that you found online.

Bid wisely and enjoy that perfect domain name that you can take pride in actually winning.  Remember, you can bid on domain names at

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