How to Change Domain Nameservers

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There comes a time when you decide to either start a website or transfer a website from one host to another. On both occasions you need new hosting and you need to transfer your files to the new host. You also need to tell your domain name where to point to – you need to change your Domain Name Servers or DNS.

The Domain name system nameservers or DNS information is specified by your hosting provider. You can find it either in your account control panel or your webhosts’s faq page. If you are unable to find DNS information anywhere, contact your host.

By the way, if you have just bought your domain name, by default, your domain’s DNS point to your registrar’s parked page. If you are not using a domain, and you decide to not change the default DNS, your registrar is actually earning money from your domain’s visitors’ clicks.

The domain name server or DNS acts as the background of a domain name, helping domains resolve to IP addresses.

The following steps generally outline the process of changing your domain’s DNS:

1. Log into your registrar account

2. Access your domain’s administration interface.

3. Access the Change Name Server feature.

4. Enter new DNS information and save.

It is also important to note that some registrars might not provide an obvious way to enter both DNS name and DNS IP address for your domains. Check your registrar FAQ on how to use advanced DNS changing features, or contact your registrar directly.

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