How to Choose a Domain Name and Reliable Web Host

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Getting a reliable and good web host has many important roles to play in the success of your online business. For you to achieve your set goals in regards to your web business, you can’t afford to neglect some factors that must be considered in choosing your domain name and a reliable web host.

Choose the right domain name. A domain name in a simple language is the name of your website or your website address. Examples of domain are, and so on.When buying a domain name make sure your domain name is easy to remember and pronounce. If these conditions are met, it would be easier for people to revisit your website and also to refer others.

Choose a good and reliable web host Web host Companies, will play significant roles in the success or failure of your online business. Web host are companies that host and make your website accessible to the whole world. Several people had regretted their unguided decisions when choosing web host.Therefore,you need not to repeat the mistakes. Below are some important features to be considered when choosing a web host.

Define your purpose for the website The reason why people set up sites quite differs from person to person. Are you trying to host a site for your personal use, is the site for family and friends or for a business reason. A free web host could be okay for a personal or family website but for a business website, don’t even get close to it. It will have negatively impact on your business statue and greatly reduce your credibility of having a good business relationship with others.

Easy to use site builder system It is considered a good option to choose a web host with easy to use site builder system if you’re on a shoe -string budget and as such couldn’t hire a professional web designer to handle the designing of your website. However, with easy to use site builder, you could design it yourself even without any prior knowledge of web designing. Another factor you should think of is the ability and willingness of the web host to put you through if your encounter any challenges at this stage.

Check the uploading method. The best choice to upload you web pages is by FTP. FTP makes it flexible to manage your website. It also saves a lot of time when compared to an online manager if you are to upload a large file. So, if you’re inexperienced, always go for a host that allows FTP to transfer your files.

E-mail address and Auto-responders. It will be a very wise decision choosing a web host that offers unlimited e-mail addresses and auto-responders as these serves are cogent to communicate with your visitors and customers and also to stay in business. It will look more official, professional and healthy to have e-mail addresses that reflect your business name

Up time Guarantee Up time guarantee is the assurance of your website to be made accessible by your host. Don’t settle for anything less than 99.9% up time guarantee. Otherwise, your website might be down for hours, days or even weeks due to their poor servers if you don’t choose a good and reliable company to host your web. Enough Disk space for growth A good and reliable web host would allow you a room to increase your space in their disk space if your website needs more space as your business grows.

Ensure a secured transaction Make sure you make your transaction is through a secure server. As soon as you click on the buy or order now button for payment processing the server should change from http:// to https:// the later signifies a secure server. If you are building an e-commerce site you may buy a SSI Certificate if payments would be processed directly on your web with all it’s technicalities. And if not, use a payment gateway such as Google checkout or Paypal. Both provide secure payment pages without any technical skills on your own part.

Effective Customer Service System A good and reliable host pays more attention to customers by providing tools and mechanisms capable of delivering effective customer services. Would it be considered wise to choose a host that offers email and phone as medium of interaction with slow rate of response? Or a web host company that provides lots of help pages and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 24/7 toil free (Charge free calls) telephone support, live chat to resolve problems or answer your queries?

To avoid frustration and enjoy a successful web business, investigate the above mentioned criteria for choosing your reliable web host. You may want to visit Hostgator a leading top-notch hosting company. Use “TOYOTAROCK” as coupon code to enjoy a 25% discount off the price package.

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