How to Choose a Quality Domain Name for Your Site

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For some of you that don’t know what a domain name is, it’s a few words that you purchase from a domain company that redirects you towards your landing page of your website. It is critical to keep it simple because people just don’t remember intricate, extravagant names with odd combinations of punctuation, numbers, and what have you. Use the K.I.S.S, theory ( keep it simple stupid) and limit yourself to four words. This way, when posting on social media networks or online advertising, it will be easy for you or lead to remember your website. Write it down and actually look at it. Ask yourself if it makes sense.

Also, as many experts say, purchasing your domain name is one of the smartest things you can do. If you cannot buy the exact name, get a version of your name like MeetRandyJones. Even if your name is not used immediately, you will one day the future use this to create your “brand.” Show congruency with your domain name as it should match the information you’re giving out. Although you may have a great ad for your site, what might really bring the lead in is a catchy, unique domain name.

Domain names are available,. org, .us, .biz, etc. But .coms are normally for sites where something may be purchased or as some people say e-commerce. A .org is usually related to an organization. .Net is not as strong as a .com, but can be used as a last resort. If you cannot find the exact domain name that you want, research other options as long as they are congruent to what your site will be about.

Be advised that it could take up to a full day for your new domain to be active and on the Internet. Once it is active, correctly forward it to your websites URL. To forward your domain name, go to your domain name provider and find the section that says forward. When forwarding, it is smart to mask your domain name which blocks the original URL.

So always remember, when starting out with a new site, the name is the most important thing that you can choose. Take your time,do your keyword research to make sure that it is relevant to what your site will be about. By doing your homework, you’ll find it much easier to grab your future customers’ attention and start a quality relationship with them.

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