How to Choose the Right URL For Your Company

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Those long hours you spent coming up with a business name aren’t quite over yet. The next step is choosing an appropriate URL address to accompany it. In order to get the best internet traffic possible, careful consideration should go into choosing the perfect URL for your business.

The perfectly crafted URL consists of a few different features. First is to keep it short and sweet. Most people aren’t going to remember a long drawn out URL address. If your company name is a bit longer, try coming up with an address that has to do with the services you offer instead. You can also abbreviate the company name to reduce the number of letters one has to type in. If you have choices, always go with the shortest web address you are able to.

Another option to consider during the selecting process is if the URL is catchy. Try to think of different web addresses you personally remember off the top of your head. Make sure yours is in line with others that are memorable. Having a web address that is clean, simple and catchy can greatly influence the number of visitors who will retain it.

Now that you are envisioning the perfect web address, ask yourself if it is properly descriptive. Would someone who knew nothing of your business be able to understand what you do just by seeing your URL? If not, maybe think about reworking it again. A good descriptive web address is typically much better than a URL address that has a meaningless company name attached to it.

And now that you’ve spent time and energy settling on a URL – make sure the thing is up, all the time. A great way to ensure this is to use URL site monitoring. URL site monitoring can be had from a variety of vendors. Check them out and engage with one. You’ll love the feeling of peace knowing your site is being constantly monitored for up time.

After taking all these suggestions into consideration, it may be possible that you have come up with an even better business name for your company. The better the company name, the easier it will be to find a web address to go along with it. If you are in a position to do so, rethink your company name and make sure it’s definitely what you want.

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