How To Find Available Domain Names For Your New Website

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Over the past few months I have received many emails from frustrated readers asking for ways to find available domain names for their new websites.

They don’t have the time to look for or wait for domains to expire. They also don’t have the startup cash to fork out for a pricey domain. They just want a cool, fresh, new domain name to start working on their website.

The tool I use to brainstorm available domain names is called Domain Name Analyzer. It is made by DomainPunch and is free to download. It is an amazing tool and does the job perfectly.

Well, let’s say I am looking to get an available domain for a “golf tips and equipment” website I want to make. I first come up with word combinations that I would like to use if possible. A great way to find words that could go well with search terms is to use a keyword suggestion tool like Wordze.

This way you can combine your target word with words which are actually searched for by people – which means there is demand for your target word from the start. (In addition to this, I use Wordze to find keywords for my AdWords campaigns – so I kill two birds with one stone).

For my example term “golf”, I found the words “tips, accessories, equipment, clubs, wedges, putters, irons, instructions” which seem to be pretty popular in the Wordze search results. Wordze tells me people have extensively searched for the above words in combination with the word “golf” in recent days.

I also decide to throw in a set of other generic terms which can always go well in a domain name “ideas, point, place, world, site, news, ways, heaven, haven”.

Ok, so we have our target words, now what?

Fire up your Domain Name Analyzer!

Once you have Domain Name Analyzers turned on, look in the top toolbar. You will see an option called “Domain List”. Click it and go to “Create Domain Names From Keywords”. This launches the Create

Domain Names from Keywords box:

Enter your prefix terms in the left box, and your suffix terms in the right box. For best effect I entered golf, golfing and golfer in the left box. Also, in order to avoid pointless checking of words which are usually registered, you can click the No suffix padding and No prefix padding checkboxes. Also, make sure you select which Tlds you want to search in. I selected .com, .net, .org and .us.

After you have completed all this, you are ready to search.

So, click ok!

You will find that after you click ok, Domain Name Analyzer populates it’s lookup queue with your keyword combinations. Thanks to your check in Wordze, you have the right keywords for the job. The look-up queue will look something like the above. As you see, the words have been combined with your selected TLD’s for a list of all possible combinations.

Use the search button in the toolbar to start up the search. The Domain Name Analyzer does the entire job for you in a few minutes.

Obviously, this is just an example of the power of this cool free tool. It has a lot more functionality and allows you to do a lot more.

You might find that popular word combinations are taken, but don’t be discouraged. Find the right keyword combinations and combine them with Domain Name Analyzer to find the next domain name for your new website.

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