How to Find That Perfect Domain Name

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You are starting up a new venture or launching  a new brand or product, or just want to do more business online, right? So you will need a new domain name to do this. And since instant credibility, and over 90% of all internet traffic goes to names that end that’s what you want. It’s the king of the hill and will be for a very long time.

With 135 million domains registered it’s a daunting task to find an effective name. It seems like every name you want has been taken! Most people throw in the towel too early and settle for a long hard to remember name, or one with an inferior domain by ending in .info, .cc, .biz or .co.

That’s like opening up a new retail store with the main entrance in a back alley, not the street with all the traffic! Now, you wouldn’t do that for a new store, so don’t do it for your domain name.

Here are some tips on finding that website domain name and avoiding some huge pitfalls.

First make a list of short, easy to names and try them in or another name registrar. Yes they’ll probably show up as unavailable, but check to see if the website is live. If it is live, how is it being used? It could still possibly be made available to you. If your potential name is not currently being used, then look on the most popular aftermarket sites such as to see if it is listed as being for sale. A few thousand dollars may seem a lot to invest in a name, but think of it as the paying for the sign above your store. You wouldn’t stick up something illegible or confusing to save a bit of money.

Here are a few ways to make it easier to find one available by messing with the spelling:

– add a suffix like -ster, or -able, or -ize or -eez or  -ful. So travel becomes travelster or travelize.
– drop a vowel or add a double consonant at the end or beginning. So dig becomes Digg or baker becomes bakr.
– use a hyphen. So that cookbooks becomes cook-books
– change similar sounding letters, z for s for example so that cruise becomes cruize, or eggs becomes eggz. Same goes for f from ph, x for cs, etc.

Avoid at all costs, a long name. A name that’s over 15 letters is too easily misspelled and hard to remember. If you were opening up a consulting company in New York, rather than you would be better off with a unique aftermarket name like . Also you should check that no misspelling or separation can prove embarrassing like which could also be the

Finally check to see if your name infringes on someone’s similar business, trade or service mark. Locate the trademark search engine for your country and do a simple search. Also once you get that domain name, buy any other lower, .org, .us extensions, and the plural or singular of your name so on one can camp on your success with a me-too.

So perseverance will pay off when it comes to selecting that all-important .com name, and a bit of thinking outside the box will help a lot!

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