How to Flip Domains – 4 Ways to Make Money Fast on the Internet

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Flipping domains can be a lucrative business. But what does a domain flipper do to make money?

As in many types of business, there are various models or techniques for domain flipping.

Learn how to flip domains and reap the profits.

1. Register a new domain

Registering a new domain name is simple and relatively inexpensive. I wish I had registered “cars” or “trucks” or “computers” or other fundamental product names years ago. I could auction off those names for large sums now. But I suspect every single-word domain name in the dictionary is owned already. Still, people frequently come up with new unique combinations of two and three-word domain names, and you can too. If the name has value to someone, then you can sell it by auction or via a broker. But there is another alternative for new domain names. Who would have thought that “twitter” or “squidoo” would become a popular domain name? If you are creative with names, maybe you can make up the next “digg” or “reddit”.

2. Buy expired domain names

Domain names expire every day. And many of the search engines value older websites over new ones. The websites may already have links which the search engines also use in ranking. Finally, the website may also have traffic — another desirable item in website valuation. So if you pick up an expired domain and find the right buyer, you can pocket the profit.

3. Buy an established website domain name

Many websites can be purchased for a reasonable price. Their owners may tire of running a website, or be dissatisfied with the amount of money they are making. This may be because they lack the time, marketing skills, or web development skills to exploit the website. If you have these skills (or you can hire them at the right price), then you can bump up the revenue and keep the website, or sell it based on its new value due to the increased income.

4. Use parked domains to generate revenue

Maybe you have parked some domains while you work on developing a website (or can also buy parked domains from others). However parked domains may show up in search engine results if the domain names have relevance to the search. Many domain name registrars and other websites provide domain name parking services that will put advertising (e.g. Google adsense) on your parked website’s page. The companies will charge you a fee for parking or share in the ad revenue (or both). You do not have go this route. You can take your parked domains and put your own ads on the pages and keep all the money.

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