How To Get a Domain Name and Hosting For Free For 1 Year

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It’s very hard to get a Domain Name for free when it’s already available for a very cheap price. However there are many people who love free stuff. There is a good news for them. You can even get a Domain Name with .com, .org extension completely for free. Here I’m sharing couple of ways you can go through to get a Domain Name for free and even get it hosted for free for 1 year.

Get a Discount Coupon or Gift Voucher:

Registered member with one of the Domain Registrars (like GoDaddy) regularly receive news letters in their email address. It’s there where they receive Gift Vouchers or Discount Coupons. Often, these people share their coupons on Discussion Boards or Forums etc. These coupons can be used multiple times, and usually you get a huge discount. And if you’re lucky you may even get a completely free package.

Search Through Google:

No big deal you’d say… I regularly search through Google but never find any such things – But most of you miss the true deal of searching through Google. Google provides many operators that if you use wisely, you’ll never miss a deal. For example – Time Operator. First of all, these coupon codes or gift vouchers don’t last long. So you ought to search in Google keeping “Show only results from LAST 24 HOURS”. This way, you’ll only get Fresh coupons and you’ll never miss a deal.

Forums Like DigitalPoint or WarriorForum:

These are the two forums full of members who want to make money online. At times, some members who receive Coupons or Vouchers in their emails, buy the domain names for almost free and then sell it for a very cheap price in these forums. These forums have separate place where these Domains are sold. While you may not have choice here over which domain to buy, you can always PM one of these members and ask them to buy your choice of Domain Name if they get a coupon or voucher again. Usually they get these Domain Names for hardly $1 or $2. So they don’t really mind selling it for $2 or even $5.

And if you’re a real bargainer like me, you can also send them a message and ask them to deliver 2 Domain Names for the same price. And in return, you give them a good feedback. This is a win win situation for both – Buyer and Sellers.

Just head over here to Get A Free Domain Name and grab the opportunity while it lasts. You can even get a Free Hosting For 1 Year with the same price. This is a limited time offer.

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