How to Get Started in Domaining – A Newbie’s Guide

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Domaining is the business of buying, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names not for primary use as a website, but with the goal of profit generation with the intent of resale, like real estate. Domaining continues to grow as more and more people are aware of what a Domain Name is and the uses associated with a domain Domaining is very similar to buying property in the real world, be that buy-to-let, property development or even buying somewhere to live. The individuals who partake in domaining are referred to as domainers.


Domainers are the people who buy and sell domain names for profit. Domainers generate revenue via domain parking as well as through the resale of domain names and by developing domain names into fully functioning websites. Legal domainers avoid domain names that infringe on intellectual property and they avoid typosquatting domain names that are similar to intellectual property.


Domains are one of those rare commodities that run out. Domains are registered to purchase and can potentially be sold for millions. There are still good domains available right now. Speculators purchase keyword domains with a view towards reselling those properties at a considerable profit, or to get revenue by “parking” the domains with minimal content and lots of ads.

Buying and Selling

Buying and selling domain names is highly speculative. No matter what buying strategy you decide to follow, the first step to getting into domaining is acquiring enough capital to play in the market.Most domainers sell their domains through public web markets which usually charge a posting fee or commission upon completion of a successful sale. The selling method brings in more immediate revenue than the parking method. The website Sedo is a domain marketplace specialist, where you can buy, sell, park and auction domain names and websites.


Domainers also generate revenue through domain parking additional to reselling domain names To park a domain a domain owner forwards the Domain DNS ( Domain Name Servers) to a parking company. A domain parking service will provide traffic statistics for the site’s owner. To be a successful domainer you are mostly likely going to want to use a healthy mix of both selling and parking.


Domaining is alive and great fun. Now that the mainstream press knows there are riches being made, this will only feed the fire. If you want to get involved in Domaining, start slow and small, do your research before buying and above all, have fun.

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