How To Increase The Value Of Your Domain Names

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Buying and selling domain names online is a very lucrative business. But the competition in cyber space today is so keen that it can literally stifle the lily hearted. The only way to excel and sell your names profitably is to increase their value better than the rest.

The following simple strategies should make your domain names sell profitably.

Park Your Names

If you have just registered or bought a name or acquired an expired one you are not going to use immediately, simply park it at one of these free parking sites like,, etc. However small traffic you generate to that name will increase its value. Rather than leaving the name as “This Page is Not Available”, endeavor to park it so as to attract at the least, type-in traffic.

Develop a One-Page Website

An idle name is an empty domain name. The only way you can sell an idle name above 2 digit figure in today’s saturated marketplace is when it is generic and it is also one word name. But you and I know that those good quality names are gone for good. So the only sure step to take is to simply add value by “beautifying” your name for a prospect to admire and want to buy. It is akin to an expectant bride getting ready for a suitor of her choice and dream!

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