How To Legally Become A Domain Front Runner

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Front running is the process of taking strategic information and using it for your personal benefit. It has gone on for hundreds of years. Think back to the 1800s and mining. Imagine that you were the person that was assigned to turn claims into the legal department. You are in a strategic position to know all about the claims. Then, you can use that information to stake your own claim before you turn in the other applications. This type of action is illegal in the financial security industry, but it is still legal in the internet industry. It’s interesting to know that back in the 1800s many of the wealthiest people were turning in claims; not looking for gold.

Become an Accredited Icann Registrar

First, begin a registrar service like godaddy. You will need to go through Icann for the accreditation process. Then, start a web page that lets others do domain name inquiries. Set your system up so that only some of the available extensions come up. While the customer is checking the domain, have your own program run a search on dns servers to see how popular the keywords are. If the keywords get at least one or more hits per day, give the customer two or three minutes to buy it. If they don’t buy it, then take it. In addition, since your program randomly takes out some of the available extensions, you can also buy those. It’s great because you get to benefit from other peoples research for free. The other great part is that it isn’t illegal. If someone doesn’t legally own something, then there is no law to prohibit unfair play. Unfair and illegal are not the same thing.

Don’t Use Hacks and Viruses: It’s Illegal

Lots of companies legally track what you do on the computer. There are a lot of programs that automatically send information to people to see what you are searching for. You won’t be any different. You need to monitor a lot of people so that you know what good keywords to buy.

There are lots of ways to monitor a computer. A lot of people use cookies like statcounter to keep track of what you do online. In addition, there are companies like Casalemedia and Tribalfusion that keep track of people for you.

Some people go so far as to secretly install keyloggers and browser hijackers to get domain names. This is definitely illegal, but you should be aware it is going on so you can take preventative computer security measures on your computer. Don’t be lulled into security by anti virus and firewall software. You need to take some really serious computer security measures. Microsoft Bitlocker and Iron Key come to mind.

A lot of malware comes bundled with free software. Remember that software is never free. Don’t accept free software from any source. It is often riddled with ways to spy on you.

Hide Your Tracks: Front Running Makes People Mad At You

It would not be a good idea to keep all your domains in your personal name; especially without hiding the Whois information. After a while, everyone will wonder how Bob Domain Man got so many domain names in one day. Think back to gold mining in the 1800s. You would probably get shot or killed if people knew what you were doing.

The better way is to set up a lot of different companies. Put the domains in company names and randomly choose different cash parking or tasting templates so that people don’t realize what you are doing. In this way, you can make money while holding the domains and it looks anonymous.

Remember, you’re not doing anything illegal, but you don’t want to make people upset.

Wayback Machine

Some people will check the wayback machine. Keep in mind that it is not accurate. It depends upon people feeding it correct and honest information.


Eventually you will own thousands and thousands of domains. Once set up, it takes virtually no effort because the entire process is automated. Take the domains you want to keep and sell the rest.

You will become very wealthy because each domain can potentially be worth 3-5k.


In all seriousness, I don’t recommend front running domains to anyone. It just happens that much of our company research has shown that domain front running is alive and well. If you don’t want to be a victim take computer security very seriously. In addition, be very careful what registrar you choose and buy the domain immediately. You don’t have the luxury to think about it for a while. Buy what you can because in a few years a few companies are going to own the majority of domain names.

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