How to Pick a Killer Domain Name

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All you have to do is think about what people are searching for! So if your website is based on Quilting, and you offer some tips about quilting on your website, you could think about a domain name like ** or something similar. By the way, I don’t know if that domain even already exists 😉

That way, if people do a search for “quilting tips” in Google, your website is more likely to come up, because it almost exactly matches what the person is searching for! Of course, do not substitute this for good Search Engine Optimization.

Another spin on this (and if you have a small amount of money to spare), is to register a bunch of domains, using “long tail keywords”. These are key phrases which people may rarely search for, but it almost guarantees that you’ll get their click. Here’s an example: **

Also, when you’re picking a domain name, it needs to be catchy, it needs to “roll off the tongue”. And it also needs to be easy to spell! There’s no use having a great website if some people can’t spell the name!

Also, you should really try to steer away from .info domain names, if you want to look credible. These domains have been notorious for hackers who would like to place spyware on your pc, and if you choose one of these domains, you risk people being too scared to visit your website.

I hope this helps you pick the right domain!

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