How to Pick the Best Domain Name for Your Site

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When attempting to decide upon a good domain (.com,.net., etc.) name, there are a number of considerations you’ll want to make. The 1st thing you will need to do is think of the purpose of your website. For instance, if you’re creating a family blog, the amount of traffic that Google searches provide to your website (if you make it easy for Google to crawl it in any way) matters hardly any. But if you’re producing a website intended to offer a good or advertising directed toward a particular market, your domain name could make a substantial difference in your success.

If search traffic is very important to you, then you’ll wish to think of a domain name that contains the types of keywords folks search for when looking for solutions and ideas related to your market. For instance, if you desire to develop a website in which you review all the newest best-selling thriller novels, you’ll need to choose a domain name that reflects typical search words utilised by the readers of such novels.

A tool to support you in the process of obtaining the kinds of search terms you’ll wish to take into account is Google’s keyword tool. You can key in a keyword phrase such as “thriller novel review” and it will yield a number of several other keywords connected to this phrase. The keyword tool furthermore generates details about the traffic size specific keyword phrases give, and the amount of competition there is from various websites for that search term.

If this type of search traffic is less critical to you, you may opt for a domain name that is clever or funny, possibly a name which reflects your individuality or your site’s objective in some way. For instance, you could select some nickname you’ve been called to function as your site name. Think about a number of choices, because most likely you will have to come up with some variants of your ideas given that several domains are already taken.

Once you have some ideas nailed down, you should visit a domain registrar online and see if your name is available. It’s possible that your preferred domain won’t be available as domain but it will be as domain. This part of the process is trial and error, so just spend a bit of time narrowing down your top choices and then decide.

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