How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

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Today, it’s a known fact that a web site without SEO doesn’t stand a chance against other SEO-friendly sites. There are a lot of possibilities that it might not be indexed by different search engines. As a result, this site has poor ranking among search engines and therefore poor in conversion rate. This situation may have happened to you or might happen in the future. Though it seems it’s certainly not a big issue which needs mending immediately, especially if you are still new to web site developing, there are just some important things you must learn and things you should avoid doing.

What makes a domain name perfect?

Choosing a domain name is considered to be the major factor when aiming for a good web page ranking. So what really makes a perfect domain name? Aside from being brandable and SEO-friendly, it must have these qualities too:

• Moderately short. By keeping away from having a long domain name, it will help the users stumble on your website

• Easy to remember. A domain name must be descriptive to help users memorize it with ease.

• Simple to spell.

One of the most generally used aspect when selecting the domain name is the use of keyword in a URL. You can get the idea of opting for a domain name that has little rivalry but with a high demand and it will eventually help in making your site SEO-friendly.

Make your domain keyword-rich and unique

Your domain name must contain a word which generally summarizes your website. With keywords, emphasize on putting an effective keyword on your domain name to lead users to your site. The usage of three or more keywords can put a harmful impact, as it can make the domain name longer and there is the chance of misspelling when the user types in your domain name. Subsequently, it would be better to use two keywords at most. A further downside is that it lengthens your email address too. Thus, it is suggested that you use catchy and shorter domain names.

Separate your keywords to make your domain name more effective and attractive

An additional vital factor to bear in mind in naming a domain is the use of a hyphen if your domain name contains more than one keyword. For example, if you have two, three or more keywords, without something that separates them, the search engine may perhaps regard as it as a single keyword. With that, it is recommended to use a hyphen or hyphens to break up the keywords. However, for the users, a domain name lacking a hyphen is far easier to recall and those with hyphens have a tendency to confuse the users. But don’t get disappointed yet, there is a solution to this problem. You may:

• Do make use of a hyphened domain name at the stage of registering with a search engine and during online advertising.

• At the same time, use a domain name which lacks a hyphen to help the users who have a preference for typing keywords during their searches.

Focus on making your domain name SEO-friendly

Making your web pages at the top of any search engines comes down to making your website SEO-friendly. This is essentially a method of what search engines use to search for websites when a user types in a keyword. Naturally, the websites which play this game precisely will discover themselves on the first few pages of any search engines for their specified keyword.

A key factor of SEO is links to the other websites. The definite phrasing or wording you may use in the link that shows on other websites is known as the “anchor text”. You get to choose your own anchor text to make it as interesting as possible to attract users into visiting your site while they are on other websites.

Considering all these aspects, it will certainly help your choice of brandable and SEO-friendly domain name for your very own website. Furthermore, you may register several alternates for your website but paying for a single domain name. Also, it is best to avoid using numbers in your domain name to prevent confusion.

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