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You’re ready to make your debut online – congratulations! Your first step is to register a web address. It’s quite simple once you understand how to do it but can be complicating if you have never done it before. No need to worry though, you can follow these step-by-step instructions to register your web address today.

Step #1: Choose a Domain Name Registration Website

The first thing you need to do is choose one of the many domain name registration sites. Don’t choose the first one you find because each site has its own pricing. Shop around to find the site that has the lowest annual fee for domain registration.

Step #2: Check for Domain Name Availability

Once you find the domain name registration website you want to use, you will need to check to make sure the web address you want is available. You may have to try several variations of the address you want, since there are so many domain names already taken.

Step #3: Add It to Your Shopping Cart

Once you find an available domain name you would like to claim your name to, you are ready to start the check out process. Simply click on the ‘add to cart’ symbol and it will be waiting for you to purchase.

Step #4: Pay for Your Web Address

Proceed to the checkout area of the domain name registration website. Once you are there, review your domain name to make sure it is the one you want. Also, check for other services or products thrown in you do not want. If there is, simply delete them from your cart.

Step #5: Check for Promotional Codes

Before you type in your credit card number or PayPal information, try to find a promotional code for a discount on your annual fee. Search for the website you are using with the phrase ‘online coupons’ after it. You should then be able to browse some websites with online coupons available. If you find one, copy the code and paste it in the promotional code section of the checkout area of the site you are registering your domain name on.

Step #6: Confirm Total

After placing your promotional code in its section and click on ‘apply’ you should see the discount appear in your total amount due. Confirm that all is correct and then proceed to payment.

Step #7: Pay for the Web Address

Enter in your payment information as instructed on the website. Once you have entered it in, you should see a confirmation page.

Your New Web Home

Once you see the confirmation page, you are a proud owner of a web address. You are free to go on to securing a host for your web address and then build your website.

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