How to Save Money on Domain Registrations

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You can save a lot of money if you approach domain registration wisely. You might not consider a saving of $1 or $2 to be a lot. However, if you are registering in bulk, these $1 or $2 can quickly turn into $50 or $100, which is quite considerable.

Use Coupons

An excellent way to save money while registering domains, is to use coupon codes. I never register a domain without using a coupon code. A Godaddy or NameCheap registration generally costs around $10. However, if you use a coupon, this fee is reduced to $7 or $8.

I regularly post coupon codes at my blog. Alternatively, you can search for “domain coupons”. Once you find a coupon code, proceed to your registrar’s domain name registration page. During checkout, enter the coupon code you found for some excellent domain name registration savings.

Registrar Premium Memberships

Another excellent way to save money is to become a premium member of a registrar. By becoming a premium member of a registrar, you can purchase domains at a set discounted rate. You also receive other bonus benefits which vary depending on which registrar you use. Contact your favorite registrar for further information.

Shop Around

Don’t settle for one registrar. People tend to get into a habit and continually register all their domain names at one registrar. Shop around!

You can make great savings by buying your domains at different registrars. Registrars regularly run holiday specials, and various other promotions during which you can get domains at great rates. Only recently Godaddy provided registration of all .info domains at an amazing rate of $0.99 per registration while most other registrars charged $7 or more.

Be careful though to limit your registrar count to a manageable 4 or 5. Many domainers have lost their domains to expiration by forgetting about the domains they had registered with obscure registrars.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is another way to save on registration fees. Most domain registrars offer discounted rates if you purchase domains in bulk.

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